#31 - 1925 Bowen Road, Nanaimo
Phone: 250.729.2776

Mini-Franco Fun

In September, our program for children aged 0 to 5 accompanied by their parents changes formula.
Twice as many encounters, twice as much fun!

Let's meet:

Wednesday, August 20 as soon as 10am
at the association's premises Bébé Franco Fun (0 – 2 years old)
A weekday meeting for parents of very young children accompanied by their babies.

Sunday, August 24 as soon as 9:30 am
at the association's premises Mini Franco Fun (0 – 5 years old)
Join us for a morning of readings and games in French!

more informations/register : afn@francophonenanaimo.org

Note: The purpose of this meeting is to broaden the French-speaking environment of the children for whom it is one of the main languages; and for the parents to get to know other French-speaking families. 

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