#31 - 1925 Bowen Road, Nanaimo
Télé. : 250.729.2776


L’Association des Francophones de Nanaimo or if you prefer L’AFN is by no way different from other organization in our area for promoting volunteer activities. The true value of L’AFN comes from all the human interaction within the thousands hours of volunteer work since it’s creation in 1978. We would not be so successful without the precious of all the francophones and francophiles in Nanaimo.

Volunteering is far from the unique approach of giving and helping L’AFN. One gains so much in the interaction with others building, managing or accomplishing tasks. What a great way to create life long relationships and memories of wonderful experiences.


Invitation for volunteering

Are you between the age of 15 to 90?

That’s it, you qualify for being a volunteer at L’AFN.


– Have amazing experiences
– Meet new friends
– Gain new skills
– Practice a second language
– Build your resume
– Become a part of a French association
– Give back to your community
– Personal enrichment