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Why becoming a member?

It is easy to understand why francophones would join the Association. Being surrounded by a sea of english many love the security of communicating in their mother tongue and participate in meeting or event reminiscent of their original culture. But why francophiles would do so? Simply to bring a live perspective to their competence in another language and immerse in a francophone cultural experience.


Souper en Plaid 2018

Benefits of a membership


The first gain coming with a membership to the AFN is access to information. On top of what can be read in this Internet site or on our

Facebook Page  «L’Association des Francophones de Nanaimo» produces a bilingual monthly newsletter, which is directly E-Mailled to members. The latest copy is available here.Of course most of the informal information will come from meeting other members in the various activities offered.

Activities and services

All along the year many activities are organized for the AFN members. Also, on weekdays our office is open and give access to many services for our members: library, class room, ready corner, computers…….  And yes when the Maple Sugar Festival is presented members have a free access.


Fête de Noël 2018

Register as a member for the L’Association des Francophones de Nanaimo or simply renew your membership!


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