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Library News - November 2022

This month, we have decided to highlight 3 books that were offered to us in October, three new books that are waiting for you in the library!

Tout le bleu du ciel – Melissa Da Costa (2020)

A novel that takes you on a 100% feel-good trip

Emile, 26 years old, affected by early onset Alzheimer's disease, decides to leave the hospital and his family to go on an adventure. A young woman, Joanne, answers his ad. Together they begin a journey where meeting others leads to self-discovery. 

Je suis venue te dire – Cynthia Kafka (2022)

A journey in search of understanding and forgiveness

At 28, Rose holds her father responsible for the failure that is her life. After ten years of absence, she returns to her hometown to settle her accounts with him and finally build a life for herself. But she discovers him in palliative care, unable to answer her questions, only able to listen to her.

La remplaçante – Sophie Adrianssen et Mathou (2021)

A comic book to explore postpartum, a story of reconstruction and resilience. 

Marketa does not recognize her body after giving birth. The birth does not go as planned and she does not feel like a mother. She wonders if a replacement would be better than her.

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