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L'AFN is a non-profit society. That means we need to find the monetary resources needed to offer our services to the education sector and the public. The main income is provided through different government grants. Research and presentation of the grants requests is an essential task which is marvellously done by our coordinator .

Money received from different levels of government let us give our members and anyone interested in the francophone community so much services.


Other means

On top of the grants L'AFN organize some fundraising activities. It can be 50/50 draws or silent auctions.

Some of the local businesses also help us in giving various gifts like food for our volunteers.

The other aspect is the value in the numerous volunteer's work given to L’AFN. Time is money!!!


Maple product sales

We have a wide variety of maple products which are mainly sold in February while the Maple Sugar Festival is open to the public. Some of the Maple Products are also available all year around at L'AFN office. Please have a look to the list here and come visit us to buy your Maple Sweet Goodies.

Profits from these sales also help finance L’AFN.

Maple product available: Sirop d’érable en formats de60ml, 100ml, 125ml, 250ml, 500ml, 1l  /  Crème d’érable 81gr  / Biscuits chocolat et érable 400gr  / Sucre d’érable 125gr  / Pastilles à l’érable 80gr  / Biscuits à l’érable 200gr et 400gr  / Thé vert à l’érable  / Fudge à l’érableBeurre à l’érable 158gr, 165gr, 260gr  / Tarte au sucre (sous vide et congelée)  / Tourtière (sous vide et congelée)


Do you know Taffy? 

Taffy is our Mascot! Children love our doll size Taffy. Popular while the Maple Sugar Festival is on but available in any time at the office.