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L’AFN is a non-profit society. That means we need to find the monetary resources needed to offer our services to the education sector and the public. The main income is provided through different government grants. Research and presentation of the grants requests is an essential task which is marvellously done by our coordinator .

Other income

On top of the grants L’AFN organize some fundraising activities. It can be 50/50 draws or silent auctions. Some business also help us by giving various gifts like food for our volunteers.

The other aspect is the value in the numerous volunteer’s work given to L’AFN.

Maple Products

We have a wide variety of maple products which are mainly sold in February while the Maple Sugar Festival is open to the public. Some of the Maple Products are also available all year around at L’AFN office. Please have a look to the list here and come visit us to by your Maple Sweet Goodies.

Maple Products List

Maple sirup:60ml, 100ml, 125ml, 250ml, 500ml, 1l — Maple cream 81gr — Chocolate/Maple cookies 400gr — Maple Sugar 125gr — Maple Candies 80gr — Maple Cookies 200gr & 400gr — Maple Green Tea — Maple Fudge — Maple Butter 158gr, 165gr, 260gr — Maple Pie (vacuum sealed and frozen) — Tourtière (meat pie) (vacuum sealed and frozen)

Profits from these sales also help finance L’AFN.

 Do you know “Taffy”? It is our mascot’s name running around at the “Maple Sugar Festival”. Kids love him! In February, while the Festival is running we sell a little version of our famous “Taffy” a small but so charming puppet. But you do not have to wait, there are many at the AFN office.