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Are you an artist?

Are you a talented dancer, juggler, singer, musician, visual artist, photographer, artisan, comedian...in short: Are you an ARTIST? If so, Nanaimo's Francophone Association wants to know you! Send us your portfolio, demo, resumé and we will add your name to our Local Artist Data Bank. When we require artists for various events, we'll think of you first!


Lennie Gallant

Lennie Gallant is a Canadian singer-songwriter and instrumentalist from Prince Edward Island. His music crosses into the folk, Celtic, rock and country music genres, while celebrating the heritage of his home province. He has composed all the songs on his albums, two of which were recorded in French. He performed six shows at the 2010 Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver. He was inducted into the Order of Canada where it was said, "Gallant has garnered much respect for his hard hitting songs chronicling the lives of people dealing with tremendous adversity and serious issues."


David Jalbert

It was in 2008 that the public discovered the singer-songwriter David Jalbert who then presented a first album Des histoires (Some Stories) and particularly the radio clip Souvenirs d'enfance (Childhood Memories), a song that guaranteed him an unexpected success. Since then, the artist from Mascouche has consolidated his position in the Quebec musical universe with two opuses: Le journal (The Journal) and Y'a pas de bon silence (There is no good silence). More than 65,000 albums have been sold to date. His fourth album was launched in October 2014: De l'amour propre (About Self-Esteem). Quite the success for the young artist!


Hey, Wow

Hey, Wow is Jean-Marc Lalonde's musical project. Better known as accordionist of the traditional group, La Ligue du bonheur, and the popular band Deux Saisons, Jean-Marc abandons his plaid shirt for a new, fuller sound. It's the accordion as you've never heard it; amplified, distorted, wah-wah-ized, in short, unrecognizable at times. Featuring a fuller sound, while retaining his roots and traditional folkloric sounds, Jean-Marc offers us playful lyrics that bear witness life's memorable moments: crazy love, turbulent breakups and ensuing revenge, even a couple arguing at IKEA. Hey, Wow consists of Jean-Marc Lalonde, Martin Newman, Kevin Daoust, and Ross Murray.



Mark Crissinger Band

Canadian guitarist and bilingual songwriter Mark Crissinger has been performing in pubs, clubs, festivals, and fairs since 1987. For twenty years, he and his bands played an estimated 1500 shows in Ontario and Quebec, including 18 tours of the Maritime Provinces. After moving to British Columbia in 2007, he began to focus on a solo career. But at the Festival this year, the Mark Crissinger Band is performing. This band is known for its upbeat danceable show and always features an all-star cast.



From beautiful ballads and lively humorous songs from the French-Canadian tradition, to toe-tapping French, Celtic, Métis and Canadian fiddle and dance tunes, the duo Vazzy's repertoire reflects their love of Québécois and Acadian music and all things trad. There's also with a hint of global influence. Suzanne Leclerc and Bryn Wilkin keep the tradition alive and thriving in Western Canada by sharing these wonderful songs and the stories behind them, so everyone can appreciate and enjoy language, music, and culture.


Jean Pierre Makosso

Jean Pierre welcomes you to Makosso Village, a place of mystery and intrigue, hopes, dreams, music, dancing - and stories that will capture your spirit. Fly with the eagles above the jungles of the Congo, where Jean Pierre was born. Roar with the lion, run with the giraffe, and dance with the monkeys. Move to the rhythm of the drums. Jean Pierre will tell you about his home and his people, make you laugh, cry - and show you how to soar!

Presented in recognition
Black History Month


Rogue Wave

Éric Desaulniers is from Quebec and has played with various Celtic bands and dance companies throughout his career. Paul Ruszel, from Ontario, is an active musician, singer and songwriter. Playing various instruments and singing in both official languages, Rogue Wave offers traditional music and, for Nanaimo's Maple Sugar Festival du Sucre d'Érable, the duo will place an emphasis on Québec's traditional and Francophone culture.


L'école Océane Chorus

L'école Océane is proud to present their choir under the direction of Jacinthe Laramée. They will sing a variety of different styles chosen from French Canadian to International repertoire with a flair of their own.


Patrick Aleck

Patrick Aleck, from Stz'uminus and Penelakut First Nations, is a community builder who lives in Nanaimo. He has dealt with many life challenges and has emerged as one of a new generation of young Indigenous leaders. This charismatic and inspiring motivational speaker has led many a group of people in singing and drumming, as he will for the first time at the Maple Sugar Festival du Sucre d'Érable this year.

Vesta Entertainment

Wondering about their name? Vesta is the Roman goddess of the hearth and home. Vesta Entertainment the only professional community circus entertainment troupe based in Nanaimo. They bring circus, magic, dance, theatre, costumes and ambiance to the Festival with stilt-walkers, jugglers, hula hoopers and much much more.

Benoît Ranger

After 15 years in the circus trade - three of which with Cirque du Soleil, two with the Théâtre des deux mondes and five at Radio-Canada's Variétés - Benoît Ranger, better known as the clown Ben La Barouette, thinks up a totally new circus show formula. In 1987, as this new idea gains support within the circus arts community, he sets up Les Transporteurs de Rêves/The Dream Circus, a multi-displinary Circus, Theatre. It breaks away from the old circus tradition in an amusing and peotic kind of a way.


Originally from Québec, follow Gretta (Émilie Leclerc) in her new fantastic adventures. Using her ukulele and twists of imagination, Gretta will put a smile on kid's faces, along with all those who are young at heart.

Ziggy Twister

This balloon twister is very popular at the Maple Sugar Festival du Sucre d'Érable. His balloon sculptures are amazingly detailed and appreciated by both young and old enthusiasts of his craft.

Glitter Girlz

This year, you can assemble your own bracelet with the Glitter Girlz! What fun it is to create your own shiny jewelry!

Magical Faces

Cathy Corbett, a talented artist from Campbell River, is both a face and body paibnter. Her impressive creations are very popular at the Maple Sugar Festival du Sucre d'Érable.


Maurice Guibord

Historian and collector of historical artifiacts, Maurice plays the spoons and dances jigs at the Kids' Corner for the first time at the Festival this year!

Yves Aquin - MC

Yves Aquin is a traditional folk singer who performs songs in styles old and new. With his guitar and her extended repertoire of Québécois, Acadian, and French songs, Yves will put you in the mood to sing along and join in the party!

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