#31 - 1925 Bowen Road, Nanaimo
Phone: 250.729.2776



We have a large selection of books in French: Novels, Reference Books, Magazines, Comic Books, Children's Books.

Arts,   Biography, Classic, Education, Gastronomy, Practical Guide, History, Children, Literature, Books of reference, News & Tales, Poetry, Philosophy, Quebec, Novels, Science, Theatre, Theology.

We have available for you a vast selection of films: for the whole family, for teens, and for children.
toute la famille / adolescents et enfants

We also offer documentaries.

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French Courses

Interested in learning French? Come to L'AFN to take our courses! Beginners to Advanced levels! For further information call the office at 250-729-2776

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English classes

For all the newcomers in BC English Classes are available: « Nanaimo Language Centre » 250-816-5698

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There are so many artisans and craft person in Nanaimo area. L'AFN can provide the space and organization for teaching sessions in their fields.